10. 1. – 11 : 05

On Sunday, shortly before noon, we went to the reported fire in a family house in Miličova Street in Vysoké Mýto. A survey of the scene of the intervention revealed that there was a fire in the ground floor room of the family house. The fire was extinguished with the help of one stream C. The house was heavily smoked and so firefighters intervened in breathing equipment. Then they conducted a survey with a thermal camera and ventilated the whole house. There was one person on the spot who inhaled the poisonous combustion products and suffered burns. The ambulance took the injured to the hospital. According to a firefighter, the cause of the fire was negligent in operating the gas stove. The damage is preliminarily set at 400 thousand crowns and the protected value is about 2.5 million crowns. Four fire brigades intervened on the spot.

(Source: Fire and Rescue Service of the Pardubice Region)