Thursday events

On Thursday, September 17, we went to a total of two events. For the first event, we went to Průmyslová Street in Vysoké Mýto at 8:00 am. Here, due to negligence during welding, a poncho fire occurred in the workshop. The fire was brought under control within ten minutes and then completely extinguished. The object was smoky, so the whole intervention took place in respiratory technology. The firefighters then ventilated the workshop using a pressure relief fan. Four fire brigade units intervened on the spot, namely the HZS unit from the Vysoké Mýto station, as well as voluntary units from Vysoké Mýto, Choceň and the Iveco Czech Republic company. The damage was preliminarily set at CZK 20,000 and the protected value was calculated at CZK 5 million.

We left for the second event at 7:41 pm This time we were sent to a park in Jungmanovy sady, from where the informant reported that she could see flames whipping from the window of her apartment. Upon arrival at the scene, no fire was observed by the units. That’s why our volunteer unit drove home to the whistleblower, an older woman, to show us exactly where she saw the flames. Here, however, a big surprise awaited us. The woman turned out to confuse the fire with the light from the lamp. Then the units returned to their base.

(Source: Fire and Rescue Service of the Pardubice Region)