14. 7. – 18 : 04

On Tuesday, shortly after 6 pm, a field fire near the village of Běstovice was reported to the fire brigade’s operational and information center in the Pardubice region. Five fire brigades were sent to the site, namely professional firefighters from Vysoké Mýto and volunteers from Běstovice, Chocna, Brandýs nad Orlicí and Vysoké Mýto. When the units arrived at the site, there was a fire measuring about 60 x 50 meters. It was a stubble, the grain was not hit by the flames. The fire was brought under control in a matter of moments. The fire occurred due to a stuck bearing near the combine harvester, from which the spark jumped onto the stubble. The operator of the machine extinguished the immediately beginning fire with a manual fire extinguisher, thus preventing the flames from spreading to the machine itself. Fortunately, the whole event went without injuries or damage to property.