25. 6. – 14 : 57

On Thursday afternoon, we were sent to a fire that broke out in the former boiler room at the Iveco Czech Republic company in Vysoké Mýto. Fortunately, it was just a fake fire, which was to check the readiness of fire protection units. Intervening firefighters concentrated on the site to search the building and rescue people who could not leave the building on their own. Furthermore, to stretch the attack current, which would fight a fire. Altitude technology was set up from the outside of the building, from which in the event of a fire, evacuation from higher floors or extinguishing the fire would take place. A special vehicle with offal was also sent to the site to monitor the entire situation from the air. Six fire brigades took part in the exercise, namely a professional unit from the Vysoké Mýto station, Pardubice, as well as volunteer units from Vysoké Mýto, Choceň, Zámrsk and company firefighters from Iveco Czech Republic.