Road accident

On Friday, shortly before half past one in the afternoon, we were sent to a car accident involving two cars and one van on road 1/17 near the village of Vraclav. A large number of people were injured in the accident. The so-called trauma plan was also activated. A total of five emergency medical crews and an emergency medical helicopter intervened on the spot. Our unit assisted in the treatment of injured persons and their transport to emergency vehicles. Subsequently, it took fire-fighting measures and backfilled the leaked fuel. After the accident was investigated, a crane was called to the scene, with the help of which the crashed vehicles were loaded into the towing service. Finally, the road was cleaned.

Meanwhile, the second part of the unit drove to České Heřmanice, where the truck overturned. In the accident, there was a minor injury to the driver, who was handed over to the care of the emergency medical service. The truck was rescued by a specialized company.

(Photo: Fire Brigade of the Pardubice Region)