24. 4. – 10 : 00

We were sent to the next event on Friday morning. This time we headed to the village of Pustina, where there was a fire insulating the family house while heating and laying cardboard. During the initial survey, it was found that the fire had been extinguished before the unit arrived. The fire broke out in the cladding of the building, where the straw was located as insulation. The owner used a garden hose for extinguishing. After the arrival of the HZS unit from the Vysoké Mýto station, a survey was carried out with the help of a thermal camera with a negative result. Subsequently, the building was self-ventilated. Four units from the first stage of the fire alarm came to the scene, including voluntary units from Vysoké Mýto, Luže, Pustin and the HZS unit from Vysoké Mýto station.