Hurrikan Sabine

On Sunday 9 February meteorologists issued a warning against extreme winds, which should hit the whole of our territory on Monday. Unfortunately, the scenarios of the meteorologists have been fully fulfilled and the strong winds have not avoided our city, which it has been very annoying. Our volunteer unit intervened on a total of seven events during Monday afternoon and evening. We drove to the first event at half past two in the afternoon and returned to base at around 10pm.

Emergencies where our unit intervened:

During the first emergency, the unit intervened on the old road between Hrušová and Vysoké Mýto, where several branches fell on the road. Subsequently, the unit was sent to the street in the Czech Brothers, where a technical defect in the boiler was reported. After the survey, the entire event was reclassified to false alarm. Since this event, the unit has been sent to fallen power lines on the edge of Vysoké Mýto. Meanwhile, the second part of the unit intervened at the fallen trees near the village Řepníky and the relaxed roof on the apartment building in Ležáků street. For the sixth Monday event, the unit was dispatched shortly before six o’clock in the evening. This time we headed to Komenského Street, where the roofing was released and there was also a tree leaning dangerously over a nursing home. Subsequently, the tree was removed using special techniques. On the last Monday’s event, we were sent an hour later to Forsterova Street, where, due to the strong wind, the roofing was flying away. The whole street was closed after consultation with the city police.