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Almost one year later, we destroyed the same fire that occurred in the spinning mill in Chocen. Last year it was 31 January at 2:40 pm, when five fire brigade units intervened in the spinning mill. There were 8 people inside the building during the fire. All persons were spontaneously evacuated before the arrival of fire brigade units.

The same number of fire brigade units liquidated the fire at the spinning mill in Chocen on Monday, January 13, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Firefighters had to intervene in breathing apparatus and vent heavily smoky rooms. With the help of the thermal imager, they searched for hidden outbreaks of fire. The fire was managed by firefighters at 20: 18 pm and was completely destroyed 12 minutes after midnight. It was the burning of cotton in the spinning machine. Firefighters had to take cotton out of the machine in breathing apparatus and carry it out.

“The intervention was difficult in terms of deployment of breathing equipment and firefighting. We have deployed positive pressure ventilation to vent heavily smoky areas, ”says nprap, the commander of the intervention. Miloslav Havlík from the station Vysoké Mýto.

The cause of the fire was probably a foreign object in the machine. The damage was preliminarily quantified at 550 thousand crowns. The property of CZK 5 million was saved.

(Source: Fire Brigade of the Pardubice Region)