Statistics 2019

Last year our unit intervened in 97 events, which is 30 more than in 2018. Within the Ústí nad Orlicí district, our unit is the second busiest in the JPO II classification. In the whole JPO II comparison, our unit is third.

The biggest events of the past year 2019 include:

  • Fire of a house that broke out on 11 April in the village of St. George. Here the damage was quantified at CZK 1 million. 10 fire brigade units intervened.
  • Forest fire near Brandys nad Orlici, which broke out on 23rd April. The area affected by the fire was estimated at 1.5 ha with a quantified damage of 300 thousand. CZK. On the site intervened 8 units of firefighters.
  • Field fire near Libecina, which broke out on 25 July. Here the area affected by fire was estimated at 5 ha with damage of 200 thous. CZK. On the site intervened 8 units of firefighters.
  • Traffic accident of two cars from September 12 near Tynisko. 7 people were injured and one person was killed on the spot. Five firefighter units intervened.