The former director of the Ústí nad Orlicí Territorial Department died

We are announcing a sad news. On 29 October 2019, the former director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Pardubice Region, Ústí nad Orlicí Territorial Department, Ing. Jan Kroulík. He joined the fire brigade on 1 August 1978 as a professional inspector of the District Fire Protection Inspection in Ústí nad Orlicí. In 1984 he became Chief of the District Fire Protection Inspectorate in Ústí nad Orlicí. In 1991 he was Chief of the PO Corps Administration of the District Office in Ústí nad Orlicí. From 1995 to 2000 he was the district fire council. From 1995 until 30 November 2010 he was first Director of the Fire Brigade of the District of Ústí nad Orlicí and later Director of the Territorial Department of Fire Brigade of Ústí nad Orlicí. The last farewell to Col. Ing. Jan Kroulík will take place on Monday 4 November 2019 at 10 am in the Funeral Ceremony Hall in Vysoké Mýto.

Honor his memory!

(Source: Fire Brigade of the Pardubice Region)