25. 7. – 11 : 23

On Thursday shortly before noon we were sent to the village of Libecina, where the straw bales that were transported on the tow behind the tractor were fired. Before the arrival of the troops, the fire spread to the adjacent field of wheat, where it spread very quickly due to drought and wind. The flames hit the field of 5 hectares. The tractor was secured to the field so that the flames did not spread. Due to the high consumption of water for extinguishing, a pumping station was established in the village of Pustina. A firefighter investigator came to the scene and found that the fire was most likely caused by a spark from the exhaust. The damage was preliminarily quantified at CZK 200,000 in a field of wheat. Eight fire brigade units intervened and a second level of fire alarm was declared.

Intervening units: IVECO CZECH REPUBLIC Vysoke Myto, Nove Hrady, Pustina, Libecina, Vysoke Myto station, Vysoke Myto, Zamrsk, Luze

(Source: Fire Brigade of the Pardubice Region)