Road accident

28. 6. – 15 : 47

We left for the next traffic accident shortly before 4 pm in the village of Leština. Two passenger cars collided. There were two people on the spot, one of whom was wedged in the car and unconscious. A medical crew left the place and the Air Rescue Service took off at the same time. During the ongoing telephone assisted resuscitation, the heart rate was restored to a young woman, who was subsequently transported by air to the trauma center in Hradec Králové. The young man was taken to the Pardubice Hospital for treatment by a medical crew. We intervened on the spot together with the fire brigade from Vysoké Mýto and with a voluntary unit from Luže.

At 5 pm we were recalled from this event and sent back to Vysoke Myto to alert electronic fire alarm systems in the social services center. Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

(Source: ZZS Pardubického kraje)