Meeting of Stratílek fire engines

On June 8, 2019, a meeting of Stratílek fire engines called 333 Stratílkové syringes was held at the high square in Sodomek Vysoké Mýto.

Among other things, the President of the Pardubice Region, JUDr. Martin Netolický, Mayor of the Association of Firefighters of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia Mr. Jan Slámečka and Mayor of the Regional Association of Firefighters of the Pardubice Region Mr. Josef Bidmon.

Not only the syringes of this company met, but also other fire-fighting equipment produced after the nationalization of the company, THZ n.p., which was merged with n.p. Karosa up to the producer who follows up on Stratilkov’s production, THT spol. s r.o. Polička.

The meeting was attended by 89 volunteer fire brigades, 8 collectors and 1 Fire Rescue Brigade (a total of 26 districts in the Czech Republic – Strakonice, Plzeň – South, Benešov, Semily, etc.). In terms of technology, Statílek was represented by 74 exhibits (52 two-wheeled motor syringes, 10 hand-held syringes, 7 portable syringes and 5 transport and automotive syringes). For THZ and Karosa there were a total of 21 pieces of equipment (represented here were tank car syringes on the chassis of both Praga RN and Skoda 706 RTH, or Tatra 138 and 148 etc.) and for THT spol. s r.o. Shelf 2 pieces of technology. In addition, there were two two-wheeled syringes from other manufacturers, so a total of 99 pieces of firefighting equipment met in the square.

The oldest exhibit was a four-wheeled hand-drawn syringe of the so-called “Mountain type” from 1902 from volunteer firefighters from Plačice and a hand-held syringe on two-wheeled chassis from 1903 by volunteer firefighters from Buřany. Two-wheel motor syringes of various types were mainly in the years 1927 – 1942. One of the jewels of car syringes on the Škoda 505 chassis from 1929 was brought by volunteer firemen of the village of Štěkeň. The syringe is restored and fully functional. Another car syringe on the Škoda 256B chassis was brought by firefighters from the Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav, where the production label bears the year of production in 1949. This is one of the last pieces of the fire engine made by Stratílek employees already under the name Sigma Lutím, the Stratílek plant.

The afternoon was livened up by fire demonstrations. In addition to the four-wheel hand fire extinguishing and motor syringe demonstrations, a child’s hand-held syringe produced in 2013 for the youngest firefighters from Horní Ředice was presented. Furthermore, the young firefighters from Horní Rovne presented a demonstration of the fire sport discipline, the fire-pair relay. Volunteer firefighters from Líšnice presented a hatchet exercise that was practiced in the mid-1930s. Finally, the two-wheel syringes were started together.

In the Regional Museum there was an exhibition of fire helmets and honors of the Section of Fire Collectors and also an exhibition of postage stamps, postcards and stickers of collectors Topic sections Fire protection in philately. Both Sections are organized at the Fire Brigade Center in Přibyslav.

According to the participants’ feedback, the event was a great success for both the meeting participants and the organizers, which is the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Vysoké Mýto, the Vysoké Mýto Regional Museum and, last but not least, the sponsors and supporters of the event.