11. 4. – 18 : 49

On Thursday evening, our unit was sent to the village of St. George, where a family house fire occurred. When the first unit arrived, the entire roof was already in flames. The intervention commander has set up a pumping station. During the fire, the house wall fell. Fire firefighters got under control one hour after reporting the event to the regional firefighting and information center. By the morning, the local volunteer unit was guarding the fire instead. Ten units of firefighters intervened on site. A firefighter investigator came to the site to find out why a roof fire had occurred. The fire most likely caused a poor condition of the chimney. Škoda was preliminarily estimated at CZK 1 million. The property of CZK 5 million was saved. None of his users was injured in the house fire. On Friday, April 12, in the morning, a structural engineer was called.