Road accident

12. 3.

On Tuesday, shortly before seven o’clock in the morning, we were sent on road I / 35 near the village of Zámrsk, where a line bus and gritter collided. There were 26 people on the bus. Luckily, the car accident was free of injuries. A spare bus was delivered to the passenger carrier. On the spot, we provided the site of the accident and cleaned the communications from the shards.

We went to the second Tuesday’s accident shortly before nine in the morning. This time it was a car accident involving two cars with six people injured. The accident happened at the intersection between Štěnec and Voletice. I was sent to the event with a crane and a truck. On the spot we helped to pull the crashed cars back to the road and then to clean the road after a traffic accident. We cooperated with the Fire Rescue Unit from Vysoké Mýto.