21. 1. – 23 : 14

On Monday, shortly after eleven o’clock in the evening, we drove to the reported fire of a low building in Tisova. It was a fire of a former mill that was under reconstruction. The fire occurred on the floor of the building. The flames spread toward the ground. It was also burning on the stairs, and the flames also hit the hall and the workshop. At the time of the fire, its users were inside the building. The first hit was done by the cousin of the owner of the building, who breathed poisonous combustion products and injured his legs. Inhalation of combustion products occurred also at the owner of the building. The fire was located shortly before midnight and was completely destroyed at 0: 47 Tuesday morning. The HZS unit from the Vysoké Mýto station and the voluntary units from Vysoké Mýto, Chocno and Tisová interfered with the site.